The world has been heavy on my heart lately–as I imagine it has been for many others.

So much anger. So much hate. So much that is misunderstood from soul to soul.

I could share my feeling about the NFL. I could write about our President. I could explain what patriotism means to me. Perhaps I will write about each of those things eventually. I certainly feel drawn to–especially because I want to be the change that I want to see in this world.

For today: I’ll share my internal struggle of mom life. Time for me. Self care.

A few months ago I decided to learn how to play the guitar. It’s important to me–to honor my dad–and because music is magic.

There is a cost involved, to pay for my lessons. There is a time commitment, to practice. And that is that. I can’t afford anything else for me. Moms don’t get to do all of the things. If I’m being honest: I should practice 100% more than I do now.

During my meditation tonight, the lady with the calm voice (it’s a guided meditation) said this:

“Poor people have poor people problems. Rich people have rich people problems. Single people have single people problems. Married people have married people problems.”

All situations have problems that accompany them–we are powerless to stop the problems from happening. The power comes in how we handle the problems.

Tonight my meditation took me to a meadow, with birds singing and water flowing down a creek. My deep breaths were cleansing. It was so nice to be there–added bonus–it was free.

I mom so hard that I loose my drive to speak out when I have something to say. I no longer do all of the things that I’ve always loved to do. I can’t possibly take time out of my day to work out. The only reason I take a music lesson is because I pay for it a month in advance and wasting money causes me anxiety.

These are my full-time working mom problems. I’m going to handle them with meditation. It’s free. And tremendously helpful.

Oh- and check it out. I wrote an addition to my blog after my meditation. If the goal is to take care of me and do the things that I love…I’d call this instant gratification.

Look at me: saving the world. One deep breath at a time.